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Lady Laura

Down To The Dungeon For Punishment

Duration: 13m, 10s, Starring Mandy G

(1 Vote)

Lady Laura is a stern Domme, she found her slaves playing without her permission and brings them back to her modern dungeon for a lesson in pain and humiliation. She also brought along a few of her favorite toys which can be used for pleasure or in this case pain. Watch as she chains them to the wall, and begins to flog those firm asses until they turn a bright cherry red. When she is satisfied with her work she plugs her flogger into her ponygirl's ass. She uses her monster strap-on to bone the baddest boy of the trio doubling him over and splitting his tight ass hole with her tool.

S & M Mistress Punishes Her Slaves

Duration: 8m, 40s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(Not Rated)

Stern mistress Anne Franklin leads her slave Mandy G out of her cage by her chain leash, and Mandy kneels with a butt plug up her ass while Laura makes a masked male submissive suck her strap-on dildo. He lays back and throws his legs back as Laura fucks him up his tight ass while Mandy watches. Mandy sucks his hard cock while he gets reamed by his mistress, and dominatrix Anne ties up his dick before torturing his rod with clothes pins. Her slave moans in ecstasy as he gets the punishment he deserves, and his mistress leads him back into his cage.

A Dominatrix Controls A Guy And A Chick

Duration: 5m, 25s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(Not Rated)

Anne Franklin can be a bit of a bitch at times - but she has channeled that into a truly useful way by becoming a wild mistress that cares only about causing pain. Mandy G has to watch, leashed, as Anne drives this man wild. She ties him up and has a mask on him, and she just keeps messing around with his cock - more of a tease than a torture at times. She knows just how to drive both him and Mandy crazy, and before long she has the pair of them absolutely moaning and screaming while she walks around with a strap on cock.

Mistress Teases A Male Slave's Body

Duration: 5m, 48s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(1 Vote)

Whatever this bossy bitch wants, she definitely gets, because this guy is chained up and has no choice in the matter! Anne Franklin runs her nails across his stiff prick and pulls on it to make him squirm, and you can see from all the red marks on his body that she's doing a good job of making him feel pain. Of course, considering how stiff his cock is, he must like being her bitch! She jerks him off a bit, but then stops when he likes it too much, and then starts attaching clothespins to his body and his cock to show him who is boss. When he did a good job of being her slave, she lets him loose, only to line up her next victim!

Savage Mistress Gives Pain For Pleasure

Duration: 7m, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(1 Vote)

A skinny female slave is crucified with her arms spread apart, her small tits exposed. The dominatrix places clamps on the slave's erect nipples, and the Mistress makes the female slave watch as she whips a leather masked male slave across the back. He kneels on all fours and counts aloud as the dominatrix whips him across the back with a cat o'nine tails, and his back turns a deep shade of red. She places different clamps of the female slave's breasts, and she leads the male slave down to her feet by his leash to kiss her feet like the piece of dirt that he is.

Lether Dominatrix Punishes Her Slaves

Duration: 9m, 32s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(1 Vote)

Stern dominatrix Anne Franklin makes her slave lick her feet and suck her high heels as he kneels on the floor wearing only a leather mask, dog collar, and leash. As another female slave who is crucified with nipple clamps on watches, he continues to worship his mistresses' feet. She has him kneel up and count out loud the number of times she slaps him in the face, and she places him in stocks so she can whip his ass until it turns red. She finally lets him free and has the crucified slave suck his cock as well as her own strap on.

Lady Laura And Hot Wax Lessons

Duration: 5m, 2s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(Not Rated)

Lady Laura is looking particularly dominant in her black lace bikini and her stiletto heels. Her puny slave is hooded and chained to the wall. He is allowed to have his dick sucked as long as he does not cum, even as the submissive is ordered to make him cum. Lady Laura dripps hot wax all over his body and dick as he squirms in pleasure and pain. The submissive is reassigned to sucking on Lady Laura's stapon while the slave is ordered to watch as the wax hardens and draws up on his skin. Lady Laura taunts them both as the candle wax is streamed onto both of their bodies.

Lady Laura Punishes Her Submissives

Duration: 4m, 32s, Starring Anne Franklin, Mandy G

(Not Rated)

Lady Laura has her willing slaves worshipping her. She is dripping hot burning wax on her submissive whie he is chained to the wall. Mandy is anxious to please her Mistress and gives her strapon cock a enthusiastic sucking before being told to give the submissive some oral pleasure, just not too much pleasure. Lady Laura directs her every tongue lash, making her back off and making the submissive's pleasure turn to pain as he is denied completion over and over again. Mandy parts her glistening wet pussy lips and strokes herself as she blows the slave, and wonders if Lady Laura could really tell if she came quietly.

Lady Laura Uses Her Slave Like Tissue

Duration: 4m, 19s, Starring Anne Franklin

(1 Vote)

Lady Laura escorts her slaves to the shower. She squats over her hooded submissive allowing him a closeup view of her pussy as she unwraps his tightly red ribboned bound cock and balls. His dick is engorged with blood and the torture is exquisite. She moves over and squats over his face and aims a steaming hot stream of golden liquid onto his cock, and then another. She allows him to clean her like the toilet paper he is She allows him to stoke his thick boy bat as he cleans and licks her royal snatch. If he pleases her, he will be allowed to climax, so he is doing his best to do it just how she likes it.

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